Trek Superfly 100 Elite Review

If you are a person who needs a little edge or if you consider yourself as an endurance rider or racer, this is the bike for you. Maybe is not as faster as the Trek Top Fuel 9.8 or 9.9 but hey! the Top Fuel are just torpedoes! But like I said, if you want to keep up with those 26 inch riders with crazy skills in the rough, the Trek Superfly 100 Elite is exactly what you are looking for.

The Trek Superfly 100 Elite, based on many customer reviews, is one of the lightest, stiff, most firm when locked out, full suspension mountain bike out there. One of the cons, could be the price tag, which can be more than $6,000 brand new and if you are lucky you can get it for $2,000+ price range in used condition. But once you ride it and get used to the bike you will fall in love with it and you will find out why this bike worth that much….It deserves every penny you can pay for it.

Even the Trek Superfly 100 Elite is not as faster as the Top Fuel line, definitely it gets the job done climbing or descending the hill! For some others, the seating position is a little more upright than the Hardtail Line, but easily you will used to this little fact.

It is fast, it grabs and holds the ground, handles fantastically, is super light on weight that it could make you become a racer if you are not now, the lockout feature on the front and rear which makes fireroad climbs much faster, hey do seem to retain momentum better than other trek bikes lines, if you buy it from an authorized trek dealer you can get great guarantee.

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