Trek Mountain Bikes Success

As Trek’s business boomed with trek mountain bikes, a movement was spreading on the West Coast. Renegades like Gary Fisher have been bombing down their local mountain trails on stalwart bikes with balloon tires, amalgamations adorned with road bike and motorbike parts. Looking to increase outdoors of the street touring market, the company took interest in these new trek mountain bikesBut how would an organization accustomed to touring the open, paved roads of Southern Wisconsin bounce into the mountain bike craze?

Issac shipped a prototype trek mountain bikes frame that mimicked a Trek road-touring body in July of ’eighty three to Harry Spehar, the West Coast territorial sales manager. Spehar, who had been driving previous filth trails in Northern California for years, took the prototype to the legendary Whiskeytown Downhill in Redden, California to race against the “Clunker” posse. The Midwestern anomaly held its own and Trek had officially begun its enterprise into mountain bikes.

Utilizing the serial quantity from the Classic Trek web page, 1983 Trek 850 production would have been approximately: 385 18″ bikes, 1,315 19″ bikes, 1.525 22″ bikes and 545 24″ bikes for a total of three,770 bikes. The 1983 850 used primarily Suntour and SR parts on a cro-moly metal body with a topped fork.

Trek co-sponsors the 7-Eleven girls’s group which includes Rebecca Twigg.

In 1984, Trek added the 830, a second slightly inexpensive, mannequin to complement the 850. The 830 used very comparable parts to the earlier years 850 while the brand new 850 used a Reynolds 531 frame with the brand new Shimano Deore XT components. The 890 debuts as an “urban” mountain bike with 1.5″ Panaracer RX Radial tires, a Blackburn rear rack and a extra upright seating position trek mountain bikes.

For 1985, Trek continues with three models with the 870 replacing the 890. The 870 is extra of a real excessive performance mountain bike with toe clips on Suntour XC pedals, lighter weight wheels, Magura levers,1.seventy five” Tri Cross tires and a Shimano Deore XT drive train. The 850 continues on as the most popular mannequin with a Deore XT drivetrain but lesser components substituted in a number of areas such as the pedals and hubs. The 830 continues to be the entry degree mannequin with the decrease end Shimano “Z” collection components. Forks still use the crown design whereas many producers have switched to the unicrown style. On the road facet, Trek introduces the 2000, their first internally lugged bonded aluminum frame. This fashion frame will present up in 1988 on the mountain facet as well, great success foreseen for trek mountain bikes.

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