Trek Madone Series 5 Review

If the weather outside is freezing cold and the sun is shinning, the Trek Madone Series 5 is a fine bike to ride: it’s fast – wheter you are going up the hill or down – very comfortable, super rigid and ultra responsive, and this is a constant on every ride you have. Many , many people is very pleased with this bikes, even celebrities in the cycling world.

Well-known people in the cycling world recommends and promotes this bike, not because the brand, it because the bike itself: Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador rode the Trek Madone series 5 in 2009, and both, back on time were more than pleased to promote the bike, showing that this bike has something very special to recommend it.

The saddle is very comfortable and easy spending hours on the rode without feeling any discomfort. On poor quality roads, bumps don’t hurt too much.Indeed, your biggest challenge is mre likely to be keeping the grin off your face as you hurtle along.

For some, performance could be slightly deceptive. Sometimes the bike perharps feels faster that it really is, and maybe you can complete your circuit thinking that you have done it in record time, just to find out at the end that your actual average speed wasn’t that great, and this was cause because the “sportiness” of the bike that felt fast.

But honestly doesn’t really matter. If you are trying to get over the top of the hill before your cycling partners, the Trek Madone series 5 is the one for you. I can’t stress enough about the “sprotiness” of this bike. Last minute bursts seem to come out of nowhere where some other bikes become heavier towards to the top of the mountain. On the other hand, if you love short steep hills, where you need to stand out of the saddle for a while, the bike won’t let you down and will reward you with speed and finesse.

I don’t recommend this bike the ideal first one for someone new to cycling. The lightness and rigidity of the bike mean it has little natural momentum and can require quite an effort to keep it moving fast. You pedal hard and you go fast, but if you don’t make an effort you slow down! – This is only a small caution to keep in mind when you are buying or shopping for your first bike.

In technical terms, the bike has premium quality, with the Trek Company resources can afford to invest in the develop and design. Honestly, as final words, you will be pleased with the Trek Madone series 5, which is a mix of large investment and a touch of inspiration.

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