Iron Horse Mountain Bike Review

Iron horse mountain bikes are a very popular brand in the USA these days. These bikes are available in a lot of different designs and models to suit the user’s requirements.

As a new entrant in the biking community, you should understand what you really want out of your bike. The stores are loaded with different models with different specifications, which are confusing enough for anyone to become indecisive.

The most important of all specifications is the type of suspension. These days there are two major types of suspensions available, which are full and front suspension.

Full Suspension –

As the name implicates, these bikes have shock absorbers in the front and the rear suspension. Full Suspension Mountain bikes are much more comfortable, enjoyable, and better controlled. But at the same time they are pretty expensive to buy. They are also a bit hard to paddle and require more maintenance for the reason that they have more parts. These additional parts make these bikes comparatively heavy in weight and a bit difficult to jump, but are great in long distance races as they are more comfortable.

Front Suspension –

The front suspension bikes are also known as the hard tails as the rear shocks are missing. These bikes are much more efficient to paddle on a smooth path or a road and are better in jumping. The ride is a bit bumpy and an extended period ride will definitely give you a stiff back.

They are less expensive in comparison to their counterparts and easy to maintain. They are more popular where jumping is involved due to their light weight and easy acceleration from jump to jump.

If you wish to buy an iron horse in the future, keep in mind what you intend doing on your bike, as there is a suitable one available just for you.

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