Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 || Best Buyer’s Guide Of 2021

Do you love mountain biking? Or are you a beginner? Is your budget low, and you are looking for the best mountain bike under 500? If yes, then you don’t need to worry anymore, or search through a number of different sites, as you’ve definitely turned up on the perfect article, that would help you make the most reasonable choice of the best mountain bike, with all the traits that you desire.

Mountain biking is hell of a jaunty experience and boosts not only your physical performance, but keeps you mentally healthy too. Your coming here makes it clear that you are a passionate mountain cyclist, and that means that you’ve managed to find one of the best physical activities for yourself. Keep going.

Providing the most comfortable riding experience, with easy pedaling and a refreshing exercise of your entire body, combined with the extremely captivating appearances, the following are the best mountain bikes that you would be able to find within your range of 500 only.

List Of Best Mountain Bikes Under 500

1. Merax 26” Mountain Bicycle

Best Mountain Bikes Under 500

This Merax is a light-weight, racing bicycle with 24-speed feature, and a thermally-treated aluminum mountain frame, which is very strong and durable, and this tough body appears to be very important when the riding conditions are challenging. The 26-inch wheels with double-walled aluminum rims, are a specialty for this mountain bike that allow for easy rotation. Its Shimano derailleurs and shifters make it efficient for shifting and the suspension fork adds up to its perfection by increasing the controls.

The linear pull brakes play a crucial part in improving its performance, as they largely trigger its stopping power. Despite having all the features required to give you an amazing riding experience, Merax 26” is a very economical entry-level bike. The front and rear suspensions make the ride extremely smooth by reducing bounces in rocky areas, and the wheels maintain friction on slippery terrain, making gliding on flat surfaces comfortable.


Wheels: Double-wall aluminum rims

Pedals: aluminum 9/16”

Frame: 6061 thermally treated aluminum

Crank: aluminum triple 42/34/24

Brake levers: Shimano aluminum

Brakes: VB-968SK Linear pull brakes

Product weight capacity: 330 lbs (standard)

Fork: suspension fork alloy 80 mm travel

Seat post: aluminum with clamp 31.8 M8*60 mm

  • Lightweight.
  • Economical.
  • Increased controls.
  • More gripping wheels on smooth surfaces too.
  • Not suitable for maneuvering on rough terrain.
  • Brakes may squeak after some time.


Merax 26” is an entry level bike, which is very efficient with numerous impressive features, available in a very reasonable price. The wheels are designed to remain firm on slippery surfaces and on rough terrain too, but riders who are very adventurous and practice aggressive mountain biking may not prefer this one. It is suitable for intermediate riders.

2. Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Bike

Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Bike

The carbon fiber frame of this mountain bike makes it fast and comfortable. With lockout controls and crisp shifting ability, this one is considered to be an outclass mountain bike. Its SRAM NX single ring 11 speed feature makes it easy to manage and handle. Further with its hydraulic brakes, Diamondback gives you increased controls.

The wheels are large and rugged, so that even the most challenging, mountainous terrains can be covered without any problems, and even on flat, smooth surfaces, they perform very well. It is also considerably fast, and allows for agile shifting too, with the Rockshox recon gold RL suspension fork. Diamondback Overdrive MTB is easy to operate and helps give you a stable ride with a good speed range. The saddle is also adjustable to make it suitable for a variety of mountain bikers.


Wheels: 29 inches

Pedals: DB4L Resin Platform

Frame: carbon fiber

Crank: Suntour XCT 42/32/22T

Brake Levers: Shimano EF 51

Brakes: Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brakes

Fork: Rockshox recon gold RL

Seat post: DB Micro Adjust 30.9

  • Smooth shifting capability.
  • Very Economical.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Sharp appearance.
  • Regular maintenance required.
  • Saddle might feel less comfortable.


This is suitable for beginners who want to hit the mountains and experience heavy mountain biking, while staying safe. It has a wide gear range, and an excellent build quality with attractive looks. The price is quite reasonable when you look at its features. The only part that may disturb you a bit is the seat post, but there is always an option to replace.

3. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Men’s Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Men’s Mountain Bike

The extra wide tires of this Mongoose Men’s mountain bike help overcome all kinds of obstacles and provide exceptionally high stability on all sorts of surfaces. Even in wet conditions, the bike allows for safe braking due to the dual disc braking system. Along with being lightweight and durable, it gives off looks that instantly catch the eye, so that you feel proud while riding it, and when you have it, changing gears on hills and steep sloped areas is no big deal with its twist shifters.

The cruiser frame gives it an aesthetic look, while improves its performance largely. The specific design and position of the chain, is advantageous for precise gearing as well as easy pedaling. The fat tires help overcome all obstacles on mountain trails, and do not let the bike sink in dirt or snow.


Wheels: 26-inch

Pedals: Resin, Steel

Frame: Steel

Brakes: Dual disc brakes

Product Weight Capacity: 250 pounds

Seat post: Polypropylene

  • Fat tires.Most economical cruiser beach bike.Good traction.Comfortable ride.
  • Comparatively heavy.Available in one size.


Preferred for challenging off-road rides. Carefree riding over dirt and snow is made possible with this Mongoose MTB. The braking system is highly responsive and strong, which ensures a safe ride. The bike is a bit heavy as it is specifically designed for men.

4. Royce Union RMT Women’s Mountain Bike

Royce Union RMT Women’s Mountain Bike

Made up of corrosion-resistant aluminum, that is even lighter in weight than steel, Royce Union RMT is very convenient to handle, and to accelerate. The frame is heavy-duty and strong, which won’t bend due to weight. This 21-speed mountain bike has an easily adjustable, stuffed, comfy seat, and very handy, smooth shifting capability.

The large wheels have tread patterns designed to perfectly fit all types of terrain, which add on to its excellence. The pedals are also strong, made of durable plastic with steel rods attached. All these features contribute to make it a competent bike.


Wheels: Large 27.5 inches

Frame: 15”-17” Aluminum

Grips: Krayton

Brakes: alloyed linear-pull brakes

Fork: Zoom suspension fork

  • Smooth gear shifting.Easy-to-turn handlebar.Absorbs impact greatly.Knobby, gripping wheels.
  • Frame is prone to impact damage.Uncomfortable saddle for heavy riders.


It has become a very popular bike, as it is affordable for a larger section of mountain cyclists, and provides features that are usually present in expensive bikes. However, it should be regularly lubricated, to keep it working smoothly, and the shires should be kept inflated too.

5. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike, Full Dual Suspension, 29-Inch Wheels

Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike, Full Dual Suspension, 29-Inch Wheels

24-speed, Schwinn Traxion mountain bike that has dual suspension aluminum frame, is a very durable one with a powerful suspension fork and EZ-Fire trigger shifters that give you a smooth, plain sailing riding experience. Mechanical disc brakes help in easy and precise application at any moment.

In addition to all these features, its Schwinn alloy cranks allow for more anchored gearing which make it more genuine and secure, and it would never trouble you for maintenance, saving your time too.


No. of speeds: 24

Shifters: EZ Fire

Frame: Dual Suspension Aluminum

Cranks: Schwinn alloy

  • Double-walled alloy wheel rims.Economical.Ultimate shock absorption.
  • Slightly heavier than other MTBs.


While riding this bike, you’ll be able to gain speed quickly, maintain control and have a comfortable riding experience. Its extra wide tires make sure that travelling over all sorts of terrains is a wonderful, effortless experience.

6. Diamondback Sync’R 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Diamondback Sync'R 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Mountain biking becomes an incredible experience when you have a Diamondback Sync’R. Its Rockshox suspension fork offers ultra-stable mountain biking, whatever sort of terrain you wish to travel, no matter how challenging it seems. It has absolute adhesion over the trail that comes in due to the use of Diamondback AL35 wheel set and the excellent design it possesses. Its exemplary shifting with a vast range of 11-50, is made possible because of the SRAM SX Eagle 1*12 drivetrain.

The saddle is super comfy with great padding and downward slope design. It can be easily adjusted according to the rider’s height. The disc brakes are exposed to air so that it does not get heated up, and this is what makes them very reliable.


Wheels: Diamondback AL35

Fork: Rockshox Recon RL 140 mm

Brake Levers: Shimano MT500 hydraulic disc

Frame: 6061 aluminum hardtail

Crank: Raceface Affect Cinch

  • Lightweight.Durable frame.130 mm suspension absorbs shocks.Powerful disc brakes.
  • Not suitable for beginners.


It has an effective suspension mechanism that provides remarkable stability. The bike is exceptionally comfortable for women too, and the shifter is very impressive. This MTB helps you cross very tricky terrains with no efforts, climbing up steep hills speedily or riding down it. The overall performance is incredible.

7. Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Adjustable front and rear suspension, and quick release wheels are features that make Gravity 2020 FSX a must-have mountain bike. An inexpensive 24-speed dual suspension bike, featuring Single Pivot Technology that makes it unique and brings it under the list of best mountain bikes 2020. The Shimano drivetrain along with rear coil over cartridge shock is a plus point in its characteristics that boosts Gravity 2020 FSX’s inclination.

The rear triangle of this bike gives it a nice feel, and the shifting capability is precise and fast. While riding down hills, the quick break with 160 mm rotors is very beneficial, and the fact that, its suspension absorbs even very severe bounces and drops, further improves its performance, and allows a variety of riders to use it according to their liking. The alloy triple Crankset of Gravity FSX works quite well.


Frame: Hydroformed Aluminum

Crank: Alloy triple

Wheels: 26 inches Double walled alloy

Seat post: Alloy 27.2

Fork: Suntour long travel (adjustable preload)

Brakes: Tektro Novela disc

Number of speeds: 24

Shifters: Shimano EF 51 – 24 speed.

  • For beginners to intermediate riders.Made up of high quality materials.Smooth riding.Excellent gear control.
  • Gears are a bit loose.Quick release lever results in seat clamp.


Full suspension bike to hit mountains efficiently, which impresses most of the riders. It offers hydro-formed tubing performance like most of the high quality bikes. It is not very light, and remains very smooth, but can only trouble you if the gears get loose, and need to be tightened.

8. Ibiky Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Ibiky Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Providing you a safe and tranquil mountain ride, with beach cruiser pedals, which are one of the best mountain bike pedals, and disc brakes (front & rear). This well-built, athletic Ibiky Fat Tire mountain bike performs exceptionally with great speeds, as the lightweight alloy rims are very beneficial to keep its weight down (or scientifically, keeping its center of mass down, in order that it is given greater stability).

Its extra-large knobby tires, of 4 inches are super fit for all terrains, and provide good traction even on the most rough or rugged surfaces. 21 speeds with click shifters as well as dual derailleurs are found in Ibiky Fat Tire, unlike some common mountain bikes. It gives off attractive looks, while having so many characteristics that add on to its performance.


Frame: Durable Carbon Steel

Brakes: 160 mm Dual disc brakes

Pedals: beach cruiser

Wheels: 26 inches

Seat post: PU leather – inbuilt shocks – luxury finish

Number of speeds: 21

  • Carbon steel frame makes it lightweight.
  • Impressive design.
  • 21-speed dual derailleurs.
  • For riders of varying heights.
  • Gears are a bit loose.


Fat tires are used to increase the stability of the bike and provide good traction on all sorts of trails. When a mountain bike is stable, it becomes evident that it is much better than many others as it allows for a safe ride and your adventurous self does not need to compromise.

9. MOPHOTO Mountain Tricycle for Adults

MOPHOTO Mountain Tricycle for Adults

Okay, so this one is especially designed for adults and every single person who has an interest in mountain biking would definitely want it. Let’s see what it offers.

A feature that is completely unique to this bike, among all that we discussed above: a big basket at the back, which makes it desirable for picnics, and can also help you carry your groceries.

MOPHOTO Mountain ‘Tricycle’ means that you don’t need to worry about its stability at all, because its three tires are perfectly arranged to make you carefree while riding. Its body is made of high quality iron and helps support a combined weight of 400 lbs.

The handlebars have been made adjustable, so that you can set them in the desirable position to relax your back. All of the components of MOPHOTO trike are durable, and very suitable for most of the men and women.


Frame: High quality Iron.

Number of Speeds: 7

Sizes: 24 inches – 26 inches

Product Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

Extra features: 3 wheels – Basket

  • Sturdy construction.Provides increased stability.Large basket.Extra weight capacity.
  • High center bar placement.


However, the high center bar might be a bit of a trouble for some people, the overall performance of this trike is remarkable, and the feature that is the most appreciated, is the amount of weight it can bear. As it is 3-wheeled, you don’t need to worry about its stability too. Though it may be a bit slower than the usual mountain bikes, with 7 speeds, it gives a very comfortable ride.

10. Slsy Adult Mountain Tricycle

Slsy Adult Mountain Tricycle

Rough terrains don’t trouble you and it is easier to maintain control even on mountainous surfaces when you are riding a tricycle. It is one of the best forms of exercises that you can practice to stay healthy and stimulate your circulation, while mountain biking is also quite enjoyable when you have a Slsy Adult Mountain Tricycle. The increasing popularity these mountain trikes are gaining these days should make you consider this great option, whether you want to move around town, ride on a beach or do mountain biking!

Its strong steel construction can support up to 350 – 420 lbs weight. The ride is comfortable as the distance between the rider and the handlebar is almost perfect. The 7 speed mechanism is appropriate enough for all kinds of trails. The V shaped braking system is very efficient for both, short and long-distance breaking, so the ride is also safer.


Sizes: 24 inch – 26 inch

Product Weight Capacity: 350 – 420 lbs

Number of speeds: 7

Basket dimensions: 19” * 19” * 11”

  • Smooth rolling.Durable steel frame.Sturdy and comfortable.Easy assembling and maintenance.
  • High center bar placement.


If we talk about the overall features of this adult trike, it is quite recommendable as the strong steel frame is very durable and can support enough weight, that you can easily carry your groceries with yourself too. The padded saddle gives comfort while riding, and provide a safe riding experience.

Best Mountain Bike Brands 2021:

Nowadays, it is not a wise decision to buy any product without looking at its brand. When you are exploring the web, or the markets to buy something as salient as a mountain bike, you must know what brands are the most preferable and proffer the most reliable products.

The names that follow represent the most reliable brands that produce mountain bikes these days:

  • YETI: Located in Colorado, Yeti Cycles was founded in 1985 and has been working since the beginning of mountain biking. The factor which makes them distinct, is that they do not follow a pattern while making their bikes, instead they try to modify their products so that they suit the riders and the terrain perfectly. They use the latest technology to give you the best riding experience.
  • KONA: Kona Bicycle Company was founded in 1988. Its original owners Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron, still own it proudly as one of the world’s best brands for mountain bikes. Interestingly, their designers are passionate cyclists who use their experience to formulate the best designs, and offer a wide variety to choose from.
  • GT: Gary Turner, the founder of GT Bicycles, was very popular for having invented the modern BMX bikes. The Triple triangle designs became the identity of GT Bicycles, as they allowed for the most testing rides due to their firm rear sides. GT Bicycles sells the fastest mountain bikes that are very durable.
  • CANNONDALE: Earliest of all these, founded in 1971, Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is believed to be the pioneer of Carbon fiber frames, and comes under the banner of Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries. They make large-scale use of carbon fiber as well as aluminum, in creating the best bikes. Cannondale has also given considerable attention to producing bikes that show the same performance while riding up or down the hill, with the use of latest technology.
  • TREK: Founded in 1975, in US, by Richard Burke and Bevill Hogg, Trek Bicycle Corporation began as a small-scale company, and they gained inclination from all over the world in no time. They are listed among the best mountain bike brands and their bikes are renowned for their tolerance and fortitude. They produce hybrid bikes by combining a lot of characteristics to make one that is flawless. Among their hybrids, MultiTrack was the most successful.

Best Mountain Bikes 2021:

Looking for the latest mountain bikes that are best in all aspects? You’ve come the right way because you can find out which of the mountain bikes can be considered to be the best ones and why, in the following section of this article that covers a lot of areas in mountain biking. You can read below, what features are offered by each of the MTBs, compare them and decide which one to pick. The choice is definitely yours!

  • PIVOT SWITCHBLADE: With its 142 mm rear and 160 mm front travel, Pivot’s new superb Switchblade MTB makes it super easy to climb up or descend through a hill and gives you a fun experience. The new version of 2020 involves progressive geometry which makes it nippy and lightsome while travelling through the most difficult paths. The relatively straighter tubes make it more precise and rigid which is beneficial in two ways: making handling easier, and increasing the height range, which, they have managed to take amazingly, up to 6’7”. It carries all the features together flawlessly when many other bikes fail to do this. One more trait that makes it worthy to be bought without thought, is its Superboost rear triangle which is extra wide and helps manage the errors, often made by the riders in tough situations.
  • SCHWINN AXUM: Available in a very low price, is this 29 inch hardtail, with a 100 mm front suspension fork, which is perfect to satisfy your mountain biking adoration. Mechanical disc brakes, being much more powerful than rim brakes, and more economical than hydraulics, make sudden stopping easy-breezy. Owing to the fact that its special tread tires are very helpful when it comes to stability of the bike, Schwinn Axum is prioritized over other similar cross-country bikes. Even though, less than the Switchblade, its height range is suitable enough for riders with normal heights from 5’4” to 6’2”.
  • ROCKY MOUNTAIN GROWLER 50: The SRAM 11-50 tooth Eagle cassette with 12 speeds and the Rockshox 35 Gold RL offset fork are features of this MTB that qualify it as the best hardtail mountain bike 2020. Growler 50 demands very low maintenance and offers serene, enjoyable rides. As far as its geometry is considered, it is a very comfortable bike with a head angle of 64 degrees and a seat tube angle of 75 degrees. In addition, a low pressure in its fat, ultra gripping tires, makes the ride very soft.
  • SPECIALIZED TURBO LEVO SL COMP: Specifically designed for riding singletrack, Turbo Levo SL Comp is the first E-bike which is so light that it can cross a fallen tree in the trail with no efforts. The battery is very durable, and lasts long so that you may enjoy multiple hours of riding without having to worry about the battery ending. Its 240 W magnesium casing motor is specialized, and gear-driven, and relatively silent. Remains stable at high speeds, and gives you a very friendly company.

Best Mountain Bike Pedals:

  • SHIMANO M520: Bombproof mechanism that can be adjusted easily. Long lasting. You can remove & fit them with a garage spanner.
  • SHIMANO M540: Lighter than M520. Neater axle. Exposed mechanism rather than embedded. Very cheap according to the features included.
  • CRANK BROTHERS CANDY 3: 72 mm wide. Soft release adjustment options. Freely rotating Classic X wing Eggbeater design. Three color option.
  • RITCHEY COMP XC: Lightweight Design. 50 mm wide. Minimum tension. Inboard and outboard ball bearings that can be greased to prevent them from getting rough and dry.

Best Mountain Bike Grips:

  • ERGON GA2: Ultra soft tactile rubber. Inboard composite clamp. Minimal force required for gripping. Greater vibration damping due to variation in thickness. Comes with built-in end plugs.
  • ODI RUFFIAN: Made of rubber and aluminum. Extremely protective against slipping. Affordable price.
  • ESI CHUNKY: Optimal Vibration damping. Custom fit. Excellent control, matchless grip and precise steering.
  • LIZARD SKINS MOAB: Aluminum clamps prevent the Lock-On Grips from twisting or sliding from the ends. Inspired by Utah’s delicate arch.

Best Mountain Bike Gloves:

  • POC RESISTANCE PRO DH: Heaps of padding do not affect your expertise. Relatively expensive, but the intricate design is worth the price. Fingers are well-articulated. Made of tear-proof Resistance ceramic fabric.
  • GIRO REMEDY X2: Perfect fitting. Poron XRD is used for greater protection as it stiffens on impact. Comfortable in warm weather conditions too.
  • TROY LEE DESIGNS XC: High durability. Double layered synthetic leather on most of the frontal part. While on the back, venting is made possible with the use of 4-way stretch spandex.
  • FOX RANGER: Free of padding. Lightweight but strength is not compromised. Additional component is a ‘microsuede’ nose wipe. Touchscreen friendly threads on the fingertips.

Best Mountain Bike Shoes:

  • SHIMANO SH ME5: Clipless compatibility. Breathable design. Reasonably lightweight. Aggressive Michelin rubber that provides superb gripping power.
  • FIVE TEN FREERIDER: Flat pedal shoe. Sticky rubber. Clean look. High protection in rough terrain. Use of Freerider in very hot days, can cause you trouble.
  • SHIMANO SH ME3: Entry level price. Easy buckle system. Improved walkability from previous designs due to the use of actual rubber.
  • GIRO CHAMBER II: Clip-less compatibility. Heavy design. Downhill race design. Adjustable cleat. Enough flexibility for hiking. Excellent pedaling.

Best Mountain Bike Chain:

  • KMC MISSING LINK 9 SPEED: Long term use with no troubles. Reusable. Strong and smooth. Easily removable for cleaning.
  • SRAM PC 1091, 10 SPEED: Hollow pin design. Strong and lightweight. Smooth functioning. Fast shifting. Durable.
  • KMC X9.99: Reasonable price. Good quality. Quick links. Stretch proof. Does not make noise.

Best Mountain Bike Bottle Cage:

  • IBERA ALUMINUM BOTTLE CAGE: Great look. Available in many colors. Carbon look at low price. Lightweight.
  • SPECIALIZED ZEE CAGE: Lightweight. Secure. Ideal for full suspension rigs. Easy to use (Removal or placement, both are easy). Cool design.
  • NOVARA SLIDER CAGE: Very low price. Available in many colors. Light in weight. Durable. Prevents from getting scratched quickly.

Best Mountain Bike Backpack:

  • CAMELBACK FOURTEENER 24L: Apart from the main compartment, has organizational pockets specified for stuff like sunglasses or tools etc. Has a clever waist belt.
  • DAKINE SYNCLINE 16L: Optional back protector. Low hydration bladder. Internal sleeves and mesh pockets. Separate pocket for a 3L lumbar reservoir.
  • EVOC TRAIL BLADER: Separate pocket for wet clothes. Removable tool roll and a hidden rain cover. Designed efficiently to manage the center of gravity.

I hope the article was helpful for you to make the right choices. Enjoy your mountain biking experience.


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