Top 15 Best Mountain Bikes Under 400 To Buy In 2021 [Step By Step Buyer’s Guide]

Are you a mountain biking enthusiast on a tight budget? Then you have ended up on the perfect spot to help you find the most suitable bike. The following article lists the Best Mountain Bikes under $400.

A lot of mountain bike manufacturing companies design their bikes in a way that they are available in all price ranges, to suit everyone on budget, as well as the luxury-loving lads. With varying features and capabilities, made by best mountain bike brands of 2020, every bike has its own pros and cons, which are included in our reviews along with their description and specifications.

These reviews would help you to make an informed decision, by analyzing the bike from all aspects and comparing one with another. In this way, you’ll be able to choose a bike that best suits your requirements.

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike:

Best Mountain Bikes Under 400

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

Huffy Hardtail Mountain bike is a beautiful bike that feels sturdy while riding, attributed to the steel alloy frame and the 3-piece Kolo steel crank, which makes it possible to take the bike on all sorts of terrain. Hardtail bikes mostly work very well when used for commute and riding around the city.

The large tires feel comfortable on the ground with their strong grip, and provide effective rolling. The 26 × 1.95 inches size of its knobby tires, helps cross muddy paths with great ease. Due to the heavy weight of this bike, pedaling sometimes feels heavy too, therefore, if you are an ease-lover, this mountain bike won’t be fit for you.

The front suspension fork dampens the bumps to make your ride smoother than ever, and the gear-shifting is also light and smooth. The Shimano tz-31 rear derailleur, paired with the twist shifters, allows ascending and descending hills with 21 speeds. The linear pull brakes enable consistent stopping power to enhance the overall performance.

This bike is designed for teens and adults at a minimum height of 5 feet. Huffy Hardtail Mountain bike targets the shorter section of riders as most of the common mountain bikes suit riders who are tall, starting at 5’4” so the shorter ones find lesser options to ride. The seat is adjustable according to the height.

However, with all these impressive features there are some darker sides associated with this bike, like the breaking of some parts and the lack of comfort in the seat. This means that it would be appropriate for only those who occasionally get to use a mountain bike.

  • Tires provide Good Traction In Wet & Dry Conditions.
  • Smooth Gear-Shifting.
  • Easy Assembling.
  • Uncomfortable Seat.
  • Heavy Pedaling.


  • FRAME: Steel
  • WHEELS: 26 inches
  • BRAKE: Linear pull
  • CRANK: 3-piece Kolo steel crank.
  • NO. OF SPEEDS: 21
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 42.7 lbs.


Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike is an easy-to-assemble, aesthetic-looking mountain bike that provides convenient gear-shifting with 21 speeds, and great traction with large tires and strong feel with the steel frame. With all that, it holds a grain of doubt in its reliability if used excessively.

Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike:

Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose is known for its innovation in specifically designed bikes. From hitting the mountains or riding through the park to the urban jungle, rough or smooth, whatever kind of trail you wish to cross, Mongoose is an authentic, genuine brand, which produces durable products built for actual riders who know mountain biking well.

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire is a men’s mountain bike that is very economical according to the features that it offers. The extra wide tires of this Mongoose Men’s mountain bike help overcome all kinds of obstacles and provide exceptionally high stability on all sorts of surfaces. Even in wet conditions, the bike allows for safe braking due to the dual disc braking system. Along with being lightweight and durable, it gives off looks that instantly catch the eye, so that you feel proud while riding it, and when you have it, changing gears on hills and steep sloped areas is no big deal with its twist shifters.

The cruiser frame gives it an aesthetic look, while improves its performance largely. The specific design and position of the chain, is advantageous for precise gearing as well as easy pedaling. The fat tires help overcome all obstacles on mountain trails, and do not let the bike sink in dirt or snow.

  • Fat Tires.
  • Most Economical Cruiser Beach Bike.
  • Good Traction.
  • Comfortable Ride.
  • Comparatively Heavy.
  • Available In One Size.


  • Wheels: 26-inch
  • Pedals: Resin, Steel
  • Frame: Steel
  • Brakes: Dual disc brakes
  • Product Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Seat Post: Polypropylene


Preferred for challenging off-road rides. Carefree riding over dirt and snow is made possible with this Mongoose MTB. The braking system is highly responsive and strong, which ensures a safe ride. The bike is a bit heavy as it is specifically designed for men, but this factor does not affect its performance at all.

Roadmaster 26” Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike:

Roadmaster 26” Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

Roadmaster 26” Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

This bike has been whipped into shape with the steel frame that gives it a sturdy feel and makes it ready to hit the most challenging trails. It is very durable and would require a lot of effort to be damaged. Most of the mountain bikes within this price range do not stress on the strength of the frame, using low-quality materials that quickly get damaged, but Roadmaster has kept this issue under consideration while crafting this mountain bike.

At an astoundingly low cost, this MTB gives you all that you may want. The smooth SRAM shifters facilitate the 18-speeds, which help keep the bike running fast, so you don’t need to compromise the fun while riding. It has been fashioned with the best quality materials to make sure that a customer on budget, does not need to make too much compromises.

The linear pull brakes also have amazing stopping power, and allow you to handle them with ease and thrill. Combined with the strong alloy rims that make you feel exceedingly light when you need to make jumps with your bike.

The large 26-inch wheels are perfect for smooth rolling, hence reduce the risk of crashes or accidents, and meanwhile, do not appear to be too large for shorter riders. Furthermore, the plain sailing suspension fork, and the 3-piece crankset amplify the quality of performance of Roadmaster Granite Peak.

  • Very affordable.
  • Powerful linear pull brakes.
  • Sturdy and durable frame.
  • Seat is a bit uncomfortable.


  • FRAME: Steel
  • WHEELS: 26 inches
  • BRAKES: Linear pull brakes
  • NO. OF SPEEDS: 18
  • DERAILLEUR: Shimano
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 38 lbs.


It is a great entry-level mountain bike that will give you all you need at an extremely low price. The steel frame is very sturdy and a bit heavy but it is already giving you a lot at this price, so demanding a lightweight frame would be too much. The seat is not comfortable when you are heading for long rides, but you can consider replacing it.

Schwinn High Timber Youth and adult Mountain Bike:

Schwinn High Timber Youth and adult Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Youth and adult Mountain Bike

The sturdy High Timber frame of this bike is what gives it an identity, and ensures durability. The frame is made of steel which makes it last long, but simultaneously contribute to the extra weight of the bike that is not appreciated by most riders. You need to not pay heed to this factor if you’re on a budget, because aluminum and carbon frames would cost you much more with the same specifications as this bike. The geometry of the design is also commendable, as it is made to go with all kinds of terrain.

For a ride to be smooth, the bike’s shifting capability must be excellent. The drivetrain of this bike proffers increased controls, and allows for facile shifting, so that you can achieve your required speed with the blink of an eye. This has become possible with the grip shifters which enable smooth shifting between the 21 Shimano gears.

The securely attached chain also plays a vital role in ensuring a stable ride, as it prevents sudden jumps as you hit a boulder or move over the rocky terrains. Along with that, its linear pull brakes have an exceptionally high stopping power to help you ride confidently, even at the fastest speeds and also ensure safety while cycling. The brakes can be upgraded easily if you want to, so that the bike is more of what you like.

The bike comes in many sizes to suit riders of all heights. Considering the 26-inch wheel size here, which goes best for riders having heights that range between 5’4” to 6’2”. The good-quality tires provide increased grip and better traction in the roughest, as well as very smooth surfaces.

The high weight put on entirely by the steel frame is one of the downsides of this bike, which ultimately affects its agility that can be noticed by experienced riders only, while taking quick turns. Repeating the fact, this mountain bike is not primarily designed for experts, beginners don’t actually face any problem due to this. Being heavy weight, not just gives birth to the agility issue but on the other hand, makes the bike stronger and more durable.

The suspension of Schwinn High Timber is fairly good to absorb shocks and smooth bumps that come in your way, and within this price range it is a reasonable addition. It helps make your ride increasingly comfortable.

  • Upgradable
  • Pleasing appearance
  • Strong and reasonably priced
  • High-quality construction
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Plastic pedals
  • Heavy weight


  • Frame: Steel
  • Fork: SR Suntour M2000 front suspension fork
  • Shifters: SRAM grip shift
  • Brakes: Alloy linear pull
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano 21 speeds
  • Wheels: 26 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Item weight: 42 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 41” × 23” × 68”


Schwinn High Timber Mountain bike is all what an adventurous mountain cyclist would wish for. It is one of the bikes you can easily depend on, with its high-quality components and an appealing look. One of the features that is most liked by majority of the riders, is the fact that it can be upgraded and customized according to the rider’s inclination or requirement. It is a reliable and good-quality product from Schwinn. With all its pros and cons listed above, it is fairly what you can get at this price.

Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike:

Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike

Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike

The large 29” wheels enable easier rolling and effortless pedaling over obstacles, while with a smaller one, the effort involved would have been much more. The traction provided by the tires, proves to be very beneficial over loose surfaces.

The effective gearing system of Mongoose Impasse assists you to accelerate the bike. The SRAM twist shifters and the Shimano rear derailleur help maintain the standard of the bike, and allow for smooth shifting between the 21 speeds. Its reliable front and rear suspension forks effectively absorb shocks when riding on rugged surfaces, to keep you safe.

Mongoose Impasse is equipped with powerful mechanical dual disc brakes, that can be relied on, for fast, as well as slow stopping, unaffected by the weather conditions. This feature holds massive importance for ensuring you a safe ride, and saving you from crashing into a boulder, or slipping on a wet road.

The lightweight, full suspension aluminum frame is one of what you would find in way more expensive bikes. It has an internal cable routing that triggers the durability of this mountain bike. It has an adjustable rear shock suspension which can be modified according to the terrain, the rider is moving on.

  • Great stopping power in all weather conditions.
  • Large Quick release wheels.
  • Durable frame.
  • No water bottle mount.


  • FRAME: Aluminum (18-inch)
  • WHEELS: 29 inches, Quick release
  • BRAKES: Front and Rear Alloy Disc brakes
  • NO. OF SPEEDS: 21
  • SHIFTERS: SRAM Twist Shifters
  • RIMS: Double-walled
  • CRANK: ProWheel
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 42 lbs.


Hitting the roads or the hills, is made fun with Mongoose Impasse Men’s mountain bike with its sturdy and durable frame. The large wheels and the efficient braking system ensure that you get to experience a safe and controlled ride. The excellent drivetrain makes the ride carefree, enhancing the bike’s overall performance. The weight however, is a not too light.

Mongoose 27.5” R4054WMC Ledge 2.1 Men’s Bike:

Mongoose 27.5” R4054WMC Ledge 2.1 Men’s Bike

Mongoose 27.5” R4054WMC Ledge 2.1 Men’s Bike

The full suspension alloy frame of Mongoose 27.5” Ledge 2.1 mountain bike, is a good exchange for the given price range. It’s quite sturdy and feels comfortable while riding.

Both versions of the bike come with the four-bar linkage and full suspension frame which helps raise the comfort of your ride. Still, you are not supposed to expect this frame and suspension to hit the most challenging trails and deal with the extremely rough terrain. With its 21 speeds and, a Shimano rear derailleur, the Mongoose Ledge 2.1 would offer precision in gear shifting for the diverse mountain biker.

The handlebar post was somewhat problematic, as even a lot of tightening did not help bring it in place, and the brakes started to squeak too early. Undoubtedly, for this price-point you shouldn’t be expecting high-quality components to be used and a flawless bike to be handed over to you. Making some compromises would be inevitable, and you may consider replacing problematic parts after some time.

For all mountain bikes, it is necessarily important that they are assembled in the most appropriate manner. On the wise, Mongoose Ledge 2.1, like any other bike, might exhibit some gearing issues and others too. Therefore, you may seek help from some expert while assembling.

One benefit that the consumers ordering the bike online get, is that the bike comes in a mostly pre-assembled form, and finishing with the remaining assembly would hardly consume 30 minutes, even for an inexperienced bike builder, and then you’ll be all-ready to ride!

  • Full suspension frame
  • 21 speeds
  • Precise gear shifting
  • Brakes need replacement.


  • FRAME: Full suspension alloy frame
  • WHEELS: 27.5 inches
  • BRAKES: Linear pull brakes
  • CRANKSET: 3-piece


Mongoose Ledge 2.1 is a very cheap bike with a thread less headset that delivers crisp steering and precise gear shifting. The aluminum 3-piece crank set allows for easy maintenance of the bike. Whereas, the full-suspension frame gives it strength and makes your ride comfortable. The brakes however, may begin to trouble you after some time so you should upgrade them to have a safe and smooth riding experience.

North-Woods Aluminum Full suspension Mountain Bike:

North-Woods Aluminum Full suspension Mountain Bike

North-Woods Aluminum Full suspension Mountain Bike

The bike is perfectly lightweight with the aluminum frame, that you would usually find in high-end mountain bikes. At 42 lbs., it remains lightweight while still giving you the strong feel of an MTB, and an exceptional performance. The full suspension frame gives you the margin to satisfy your adventurous self and hit the rocky and rugged terrain. Along with the performance, North-woods gives you color options too, as this is best suited to both, girls and boys.

The strong steel front suspension fork prevents the bike from wear and tear that comes as a result of severe weather conditions or harsh riding. Simultaneously, the rear suspension absorbs shocks and smooths bumps to save the rider and the bike from damage. It gives you a greater control and the dual linear pull brakes help enhance the stopping power.

It uses its twist shifters to quickly shift between the 21 speeds without skipping. The adjustable Shimano rear derailleur triggers the performance and durability of Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike. This bike is designed for riders at least 5 feet tall.

The 24” alloy rims and the knobby tread tires provide ultimate traction and have greater gripping power. They would ensure safety yet won’t affect handling of the bike. The alloy rims exhibit a better performance against impact, than the steel rims.

  • Unisex Mountain bike
  • Durable materials used
  • Quite responsive dual suspension
  • Missing mud guards


  • FRAME: Lightweight Aluminum 26”
  • WHEELS: 24 inches
  • BRAKES: Linear pull
  • FORK: 50 mm steel front suspension crown fork.
  • NO. OF SPEEDS: 21 speeds
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 42 lbs.


This full suspension mountain bike is very strong yet lightweight and performs really well with its powerful drivetrain and other quality components. It is very resistant to damage and has undoubted durability. Northwoods has designed this MTB to suit both genders of average heights.

Hiland 26” Mountain Bike:

Hiland 26” Mountain Bike

Hiland 26” Mountain Bike

The Hiland mountain bike is ideal for commute, including everyday rides to school, work or even cross-country rides. With a wheel size of 26 inches and frame size of 17 inches, it is suitable for boys over approx. 5’1” in height, but also for men. This frame size is suitable for riders between 5 feet & 6 feet.

This model from Hiland holds an attractive appearance, which leaves a lasting impression, attributed to its integrated wheels and high-quality painted finish. It uses quality components from the renowned and trusted, Shimano, from the derailleurs to the crankset to shifters.

The brake system consists of double disc brake, giving you a stable and strong braking force. Shimano’s 21-speed gearbox helps provide ultimate control to the rider in every situation. It comes in 3 and 6 spoke wheels that are quite impressive and visible.

Hiland is specialized in the production of high-quality bicycles that are very tolerant to impact. To ensure that, they only prefer high-quality components to be installed, which contribute to the safety and longevity of the mountain bike. This is the reason why they are providing such a spec-rich bike at an extremely low cost.

It comes 85% pre-assembled and is very easy to get done with the rest. The package includes free pedals, and all necessary assembly tools.

  • Good for commuting
  • Shimano quality components
  • Reliable dual disc braking system.
  • No water bottle mount


  • FRAME: Aluminum 17”
  • WHEELS: 26” – 3/6 spoke
  • BRAKES: Dual Disc brakes
  • FORK: Shimano Suspension Fork 100 mm travel
  • CASETTE: Shimano 14-28T
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 32.8 lbs.


Hiland has maintained the quality of the bike even at this price-point. The aluminum frame and the quality Shimano hardware used makes sure that you wouldn’t be having durability issue with this bike. It is lightweight and suitable for commuting purposes. The dual disc braking system further enhances the performance of this bike.

Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike:

Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike

Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike

The 29” wheels of the bike provide great stability going downhill, and their large size contributes greatly to tackle obstacles and have a smoother ride, while its disk brakes being mechanical, lower the price and provide an improved stopping power, as well as an easier maintenance. The alloy frame makes it ideal for sturdy terrains.

The double walls make the bike lightweight, and highly durable, which means the wheels can tolerate a lot of force and pressure on them. While riding over rugged terrain, excellent shock absorption is provided by the front suspension fork, and the powerful drivetrain helps climb up steep hills.

All these features make this bike the best possible ride for rocky and hilly places. Additionally, the tires of the mountain bike are well-treated 2.25-inch thick, which is fatter than the usual 1.95” width and therefore ensure more stability and grip. This is the ideal choice for someone searching for a hard tail bike. The bike features a premium level of cushioning which makes riding it in rocky trails smooth.

  • Smooth and handy riding
  • Lightweight bike
  • Powerful hardtail suspension
  • Front fork is not adjustable


  • FRAME: Aluminum
  • WHEELS: 29 inches
  • BRAKES: Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • SHIFTERS: Shimano EZ-Fire Trigger
  • NO. OF SPEEDS: 24


One of the best hard tail bikes that powerfully ascends through steep hills with a strong drivetrain and a great number of speeds through which shifting is made smooth with the Shimano EZ-Fire trigger. Brakes are also powerful and the bike is lightweight.

Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike:

Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Max4Out Fat Tire Mountain bike is preferred for snowy areas due to its exceptional traction and gripping capability that ensures a stable and safe ride, but it performs equally well over muddy surfaces, beaches or rugged terrain. Its fat tires measure 4.3 × 26 inches, and their large size contributes for effective rolling on all surfaces. Combined with the very lightweight alloy rims, providing greater control to the rider, the tires become suitable for all terrains.

The high carbon steel frame of this bike, along with being lightweight, is phenomenally sturdy to cope with the riskiest adventures. It makes the bike much more durable, and the 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur effectively helps to hit challenging trails, as well as to move around the city. Quick gear shifting and handling the 21 speeds is also a breeze with this bike.

The dual front and rear disc brakes enhance the precision of stopping power of these extra-fat tires, to ensure increased safety during the ride, and prevent crashes. For a smoother ride over rocky ground, and to absorb bumps and thumps between the ride, a front suspension fork works amazingly well.

Max4Out Fat Tire is basically designed for riders ranging in height from 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet. A comfortable seat and pedals are included in the package that comes to your doorstep, but assembling is required. If you are not experienced at it, you might need to consult an expert or look for video tutorials on the internet as proper tuning of the bike is also crucial.

  • Fat tires that provide increased traction
  • Front suspension designed for rugged surfaces.
  • Great quality components
  • A lot of plastic used.


  • Frame: Steel
  • Wheels / Tires: 4.3 × 26 inches
  • Shifters: 21-speed Shimano
  • Rims: Alloy
  • Brakes: Dual disc


This bike is one of the best cruiser bikes in this price range, which works equitably well on the beach, snow or on the mountains. Its strong frame and fat tires, make it durable too. Max4Out had intended to make an all-rounder bike, which they successfully did. But looking at the downsides, a lot of parts of the bike are made of plastic, so they may require replacing in a short span of time.

Best Of Luck !!

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