Top 12 Best Embroidery Sewing Machines || Best Buyer’s Guide Of 2021

Embroidery sewing machines are gaining increasing popularity among tailors and dress designers, as these have brought a lot of convenience to their work by reducing their workload and helping carry it out with much more perfection in a smaller time frame.

It allows them to show more of their creativity with less effort, and in this way, it brings a lot of benefits, especially to businessmen, who can expand their business with a lower number of workers to pay, and can make huge profits.

However, it is difficult to know which kind of embroidery sewing machine suits best to a certain person or work, with loads of them being out there in the market.

It doesn’t mean that you have to fret over it, instead, just take out a few minutes to read this article which provides you with complete details regarding the best embroidery sewing machines, so that you can choose which one befits you better.

These machines allow you to not only sew the fabrics, but also embroider them according to your favorite designs and colors. You can create masterpieces with your minimal energy, less time and little money.

They are made available in different price ranges, with the intention that every person is able to afford them and does not need to keep his / her talents unexploited.

1. Doublelin DLCF-1501 500*350, New Compact Embroidery Machine

Best Embroidery Sewing Machines

This new compact embroidery machine by Doublelin, with no interference, rids you of all issues that might occur while embroidering stuff like hard material bags. It is a pro in this fast pace world, with Touch screen, USB port, built-in software for lettering, digitizing and networking, as well as an amazingly large range of designs of more than 22,000. It has a memory of up to 100 million stitches.

They offer direct buying from the manufacturers, with a warranty of 5 years. That’s quite a long time period, so you must be sure of the quality of components and the material used to create this compact embroidery machine.

It is a single head, 15 needles machine with a large embroidery area of almost 20*14”. It makes embroidery easy and prevents frustration that might occur due to jumbling up of things.

The new and improved design of electronic components has minimized the ratio of failure and makes it better than the older designs in a lot of ways. One of which is the reduction of maintenance costs, as the high-quality components used, would not trouble you even after using it for a long period of time.


  • Manufacturer: New Doublelin
  • Item Model: DLCF-1501
  • Size: 22 x 22 x 22 inches
  • Built-in designs: 22K +
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 1000 spm
  • Maximum Hoop Size: 20” × 14”
  • Shipping Weight: 220 LBS
  • Large embroidery area.
  • 5-year warranty. Low maintenance costs.
  • Great memory space.
  • Expensive


The new Doublelin compact machine is worth its cost due to the multiple features described above. It works automatically, with the presence of essential software and Wi-Fi options being available. Provides a large space for embroidery with no interference, and the 15-needle feature is also appreciable. It is a must-have machine for all people who own a fabric business or intend to have one. Ranging from T-shirts, to caps and shoes, and from flat to cylinder items, this machine is suitable for all.

2. Janome Memory Craft 500E Embroidery Machine

Janome Memory Craft 500E Embroidery Machine

The machine is very user friendly and allows for a lot of on-screen editing options, such as: four-way mirror imaging, drag & drop, rotate, etc. The designs can be customized in whatever form you want them to be. Multi-color to single-color shifting is also possible. All of this is very easy with the machines LCD color touch-screen.

It has an embroidery arm, which is mounted permanently on its bed. This helps to remove and place the hoop very easily. The material used to produce this machine is resistant to scratches, so that even after long and constant use of the machine, it doesn’t seem weary and rough. It is also quite strong.

Bright LED lights are added to help provide a clear view, and assist your eyes.

It has 160 built-in designs, which is not too much, but you have an option to transfer designs through a USB or insert a floppy disc for software. Apart from that, 6 monogram fonts, and enables 2-3 letter monogramming.

It comes with an extra wide table to give you space for easy working, and has 4 embroidery hoops. The speed of the machine depends on how complex or simple a design is, in order that it keeps functioning smoothly and silently.


  • Manufacturer: Janome
  • Item Model: MC500E
  • Maximum embroidery size: 7.9 x 11 inches
  • Built-in designs: 160
  • Display: LCD
  • Very efficient on-screen editing of designs.
  • Advanced needle and bobbin threading.
  • Edit on computer. Transfer via USB.
  • Limited size of embroidery designs.
  • Cleaning of feed dogs and race hook, needed after each use.


Janome MC 500E comes with a lot of essential accessories that complement the already very efficient machine. Personalize and customize designs, and produce garments and accessories with your favorite ones. It is user-friendly and would be suitable for any person who is new to machine embroidery, as it doesn’t require a skilled worker to operate.

3. Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i

One of the best brother sewing machines, CS6000i comes with a wide range of unique accessories such as, a hard protective case, 9 presser feet including buttonhole, zipper, spring action quilting etc., a detachable table that is extra wide, a needle set with twin needle and many more.

Other important features include an adjustable sewing speed control system, automatic needle threader, easy diagrams for threading and a backlit LCD screen.

The sewing area is well-lit to support sewing of dark-colored clothes. The automatic needle threader is very significant in aligning the thread perfectly, to reduce your work and keep you relieved. Along with that, you can set the position of the needle and stitch line according to your need or wish. It also has a free arm which is useful when sewing cylindrical items like sleeves or pant legs. In a nutshell, this machine greatly reduces the complexity of your work.

The wide working table allows you to easily manage and handle large-sized fabrics, while giving you enough space during sewing. Furthermore, it comes with a jam-resistance technology to keep you away from the trouble of repairing the machine due to getting stuck. In this way, you can enjoy smooth sewing, and complete your work in very short time.


  • Manufacturer: Brother International Corp
  • Item Model: CS6000i
  • Maximum sewing speed: 850 spm
  • Built-in stitches: 60
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Best sewing table
  • Available at low price
  • Plenty of useful accessories
  • Fast sewing may cause the thread to pop off.
  • Less stable than most heavy-duty machines.


A lightweight sewing and quilting machine, which comes with myriad accessories at a relatively low price. It provides a large working space to allow you for easy sewing of large fabrics. The hard protective case makes it portable too, and the 9 presser feet enable a lot of functions to make your work easier. It is advised that it is not driven at very fast speeds.

4. Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine, 4 Star Wars Faceplates

Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine, 4 Star Wars Faceplates

The LB5000S comes with 3 interchangeable character faceplates, and Star Wars logo faceplate. Not only this, 10 star wars designs can be downloaded too. It contains 80 built-in embroidery designs and 103 built-in stitches, which includes 10 styles of buttonholes.

It has 9 embroidery lettering fonts, decorative borders, florals and beautiful alphabets too, so that you can create excellent personalized designs. If that doesn’t seem enough, you might also import your preferred designs through a USB port.

The LCD color touchscreen of 3.2 inches, allows easy preview of your designs. It also allows you to edit the designs by changing thread colors, or add lettering in an arc etc.

It includes seven quickly-changeable feet, specifically, monogramming, spring action zigzag, blind stitches, buttonhole, button sewing, overcasting and zipper. The spring action zigzag foot is combined with seven-point feed dogs that help in smoother fabric feeding.

Another feature includes bobbin winding system that is automatic and winds it evenly, helping in optimal, smooth sewing. Its needle threader is also automatic and threading your needle is just as far from you, as the press of a lever.

You’ll have a free-motion sewing experience with this LB500S by Brother, which allows variable speed controls, as well as drop feed function.


  • Manufacturer: Brother International Corp
  • Item model: LB5000S
  • Built-in designs: 80
  • Built-in stitches: 103
  • Maximum working size: 4” * 4” hoop
  • Item weight: 26.1 lbs
  • Easy-to use hardware and software
  • Wide range of designs and themes
  • Interchangeable star wars designs
  • Work area and hoop might be small.


Create your favorite Star wars designs with the help of this sewing machine, which gives you as much as 80 built-in designs, and the option to customize as well as import new designs. It is very easy to operate. The automatic bobbin winding system and needle threader allows for a smooth sewing experience. If you are not dealing with extra-large fabrics, this embroidery and sewing machine would prove to be very suitable for you.

5. SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine


With a large variety of stitches that include basic, stretch, and decorative, fashionable stitches for crafting, Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine, is very much of what most people need.

It has 600 built-in stitches, 13 built-in quick buttonholes and 5 alphanumeric fonts to help personalize your designs and make them the best. Further with the mirror imaging feature, and adjustable size of stitches, more perfect designs can be created.

From the spool to the needle’s eye, the entire machine can be threaded within seconds, without any effort or eye strain as the Machine does this task for itself.

At an incredible speed of 850 stitches per minute, this machine can allow you for very fast sewing, and gives you a great speed control so that you can adjust it according to your need. The 13 presser feet with exceptional capabilities add on to the performance of this machine.

The needle up & down feature is very useful when it comes to sewing a pocket, free-motion quilting, topstitching, applique and a lot more, as the needle can be pivoted as per the requirement.

The stitches are displayed on the front of the machine, and can be selected with a single touch. Making buttonholes is super-easy as you simply have to insert the button in the buttonhole foot and it creates the perfect-sized hole in one step.

With a heavy-duty built, this machine has a strong support to keep its components aligned, and provides extra durability.


  • Manufacturer: SINGER
  • Item model: Quantum stylist 9960
  • Built-in stitches: 600
  • Maximum sewing speed: 850 spm
  • Item weight: 18.2 lbs
  • Self-cutting thread feature
  • Programmable patterns allow for a diverse range of designs.
  • Great speed control.
  • No quilting tray.


Quantum style 9960 comes under the list of best singer sewing machines, due to its exceptional performance and the large variety of designs it allows to be created. SINGER is trusted for the durability of its products, and has produced this heavy duty sewing machine with rigid built, and plenty of impressive features that allow you to create flawless designs.

6. Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

PE800 comes with 138 built-in designs and eleven fonts for embroidery. A CD with 15000 additional designs is an amazing part of it as it gives you the relaxation from finding or creating designs from scratch, you can easily customize and personalize the designs, with on-screen editing feature. The colored screen gives you a clear view of what you are embroidering is very easy to use.

The USB port enables you to put in any design at all. It also supports digitizing software so that even if you cannot convert files into the required format, pictures can be used too. The use of the machine is very easy, just stick to the manual for any guidance if you are a beginner, and stay relaxed while sewing with this machine.

It is a single-needle machine. That might seem like a drawback as you need to change the thread again and again, in case of multi-colored designing, but the machine this efficient enough to stop and let you know when to change the thread.

It offers with the machine, pre-wound bobbins, scissors, Cap & sock hoops and 64 embroidery threads. That’s nearly enough for the beginners, but expert designers might need additional stuff.


  • Manufacturer: Brother International Corp
  • Item Model: PE800
  • Built-in designs: 138
  • Display: 3.2” LCD Touchscreen
  • Hoop area: 5” * 7”
  • Item weight: 13.74 lbs
  • Excellent stitch quality at a reasonable price.
  • Easy transfer of designs via USB
  • On-screen editing and designing
  • Lacks storage space.


Another one under the banner of ‘best brother sewing machines’, PE800 gives you way too much in the given price range. The large range of designs and the complete package with exciting accessories, is very suitable for beginners, and with little additions, it can give a satisfying experience to experts too.

7. Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

SE1900 comes with a lot of similarities to PE800 like the 3.2” LCD Touchscreen, 138 built-in designs and 5*7 inches hoop area, and some others too. Additionally, it has 240 built-in stitches that include 10 different styles of buttonholes.

This combination embroidery and sewing machine, comes with 8 sewing feet. By pressing a lever you can have a look at the advanced needle threading system that quickly pushes the thread in through the needle eye. It also has a drop-in top bobbin feature, which is resistant to jamming. Bobbin winds at the top of the sewing machine and once it is done, the bobbin is dropped to the base in its case. A reminder appears on the screen, when the bobbin thread is about to end.

You can preview and customize your designs on the large 3.2” LCD color display, by just touching the options, before you start the actual work.

The very exciting feature is My Custom Stitch. This allows you to design sewing stitches on your own and save them in the machine for using later. Embroidery designs can be imported through the USB port too, so that you are not restricted to a small number of designs.

It includes 11 fonts in English, Japanese and Cyrillic, for creation of personalized designs.

It has the automatic reinforcement stitch feature, so you don’t need to worry about locking the stitches when completed.

  • Automatic reinforcement stitches.

  • Advanced needle threader.

  • Many useful accessories.

  • Doesn’t cut jump stitches.

  • A bit expensive.


  • Manufacturer: Brother International Corp
  • Item model: SE1900
  • Built-in stitches: 240
  • Built-in designs: 138
  • Display: 3.2” LCD Touchscreen
  • Hoop area: 5” * 7”
  • Item weight: 22 lbs


An all-purpose feature-rich machine for sewing, quilting and embroidery. Its automatic functions and the extra accessories that come with this machine are worth the price. The built is quite impressive too. Allows easy handling and managing of the fabric with large hoop area and easy functions of the machine.

8. Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

The PE535 comes with 80 built-in embroidery designs that include kids’ designs, floral, holiday and a lot more. While these might not be enough for the embroiders who work on new designs on daily basis, a USB port and a USB cable also comes with the machine, so that your designs are not limited.

The USB port allows you to transfer and store additional embroidery designs to your machine’s built-in memory, but it supports .pen and .pes extension files.

It has 9 Built-in fonts, 6 English and 3 Japanese fonts that allow you to customize your designs. The fonts can be modified by adjusting the letter spacing and alignment, and they are available in different sizes too.

A large 3.2″ inch LCD color touchscreen is all what you need to preview your designs before actually stitching them. If you think the design is not as per your inclination, you can edit it accordingly in the machine.

This Brother Embroidery machine has an Embroidery field of 4″ x 4″ has a hoop included too. The grid sheet and the tools that come along help in the alignment of the fabric as well as the patterns.

Brother PE535 is an embroidery machine and is not made to work like a traditional sewing machine. It has an automatic needle threader, which saves you from the trouble of changing threads again & again while embroidering multi-colored designs.

  • Very compact & portable.

  • Plenty of designs and patterns.

  • Great for beginners

  • Not for expert users.


  • Manufacturer: Brother International Corp
  • Item model: PE535
  • Hoop area: 4” *4”
  • Built-in designs: 80
  • Display: 3.2” LCD touchscreen
  • Item weight: 15 lbs


Brother PE535 is a very suitable machine for designers or embroiders who have just got into the field. Even intermediate users would be satisfied with is performance but expert users might need to look for a better option. It allows you to create unique designs, by customizing the designs as well as modifying the fonts so that everything is according to your choice.

9. Brother CM350E ScanNCut 2 Cutting Machine

Brother CM350E ScanNCut 2 Cutting Machine

An exclusive cutting machine that comes with a built-in scanner and a touchscreen LCD display which is very easy to use, and allows you to edit your designs through various editing tools.

The 300 dpi built-in scanner allows direct scanning of your drawings and efficiently converts them to the required file format, as it supports FCM and SVG formats only.

It comes with a USB port, as well as wireless capability, so that if the 631 in-built designs are already used up and you want new ones, you always have the option to add on more. A free Canvas workspace account helps you add to your collection.

The LCD touchscreen allows complete editing, and the device has its own internal memory to save your designs, therefore, you don’t need to use a computer for your work at all. This feature makes it an independent machine which is a potential benefit.

However, for new users, its functioning might seem difficult, but with the user manual it becomes quite an easy task to learn how to operate it.

It can easily cut 2 mm thick material including fabric, paper, vinyl and foam etc. over the 12” * 12” standard tack mat. It comes with an accessory pouch filled with essential accessories for the scanning and cutting process.

  • 300 dpi scanner included.

  • Can program allowances for stitching.

  • Affordable price.

  • Software use is a bit difficult.

  • Mats are thin and not sticky enough


  • Manufacturer: Brother International Corp
  • Item model: CM350E
  • Display: 4.85” LCD color touchscreen
  • Built-in designs: 631
  • Item weight: 1 lbs


A cutting machine like none other, this Brother CM350E is an exception with its built-in scanner and the touchscreen display. These features, along with many others, make it impressive and its performance is with no doubts, amazing. Make your DIY crafts and designs easily, whether through the built-in designs, imported designs through USB or your scanned drawings.

10. JUKI HZL-F300 Sewing and Quilting Machine

JUKI HZL-F300 Sewing and Quilting Machine

From JUKI’s flagship Exceed series, HZL-F300 is a full size machine. JUKI has used the years of industrial sewing machine experience and knowledge they had, to produce this powerful machine.

The box feed helps to sew fabrics from a wide range of thickness with flawless stitches. It includes 16 automatic buttonholes and is controlled by electronic sensor to ensure accuracy and provide a wide range of adjustment options.

It comes with 106 stitches and 3 fonts, which provides you with more than enough choices while not compromising the delicacy and simplicity of design. Single-touch automatic threading and thread cutting controlled by one pedal, becomes very useful to help you ace your projects and the LED light make your work even easier by providing clear view of the fabric and design.

The digital display helps you to quickly pick up stitch options. This feature is not very common in all sewing machines.

This machine is best for quilting as well as sewing. With its extra durability, strong built and silent functioning, it has become a very competent machine. As it is very silent, it helps you keep calm and relaxed while working and gives you a smooth experience.

  • High number of stitch patterns.

  • Lightweight – allows easy handling.

  • Digital display

  • Stitch-skipping and squeaky noises after some time of continual use start.


  • Manufacturer: Juki America, Inc.
  • Item model: HZL-F300
  • Built-in stitches: 106
  • Maximum sewing speed: 900 spm
  • Item weight: 25 pounds


However Juki is newer than most of the competing sewing machine brands, but it has managed to gain a place in the market and has produced many superior products like this one. It’s quite sturdy and durable, and performs exceptionally well. With its clean finishes and expertise in quilting, Juki HZL-F300 will let you complete your projects most conveniently and quickly.

11. SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine

SINGER Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine

Singer’s heavy duty 4452 comes with 36 built-in stitches that include basic, stretch and decorative ones. This variety of stitches is good enough to allow you for all sorts of sewing.

This machine is ultra-fast with an amazing speed of 1100 stitches per minute, and enables you to work approximately 30 % faster than most common sewing machines. This speed is mostly found in high-end industrial machines, which are way too expensive than this.

The bed plate is made of stainless steel and allows for skip-free stitching, and smooth flow of the fabric.

It is made of metal but the external frame is actually plastic. The overall built remains sturdy and durable. It also includes a handle for carrying, so you need not to worry if you wish to change its place.

As this machine is mechanical, it doesn’t need any proper maintenance, and saves your money here too. Its speed, power and ease of use make it an entry-level machine.

The free-motion sewing feature is appreciated especially by quilters, as they need to just pull down the drop feed lever for adjustment of feed teeth height.

The adjustable presser foot pressure makes working with a large variety of fabrics possible. The heavy-duty features of this machine, including the 60% stronger engine, walking foot and non-stick foot, allow the machine to handle thicker fabrics like leather and denim easily, and multiple layers of fabric can be sewn easily too.


  • Manufacturer: Singer
  • Item model: 4452
  • Built-in stitches: 36
  • Maximum sewing speed: 1100 spm
  • Item weight: 15.7 lbs
  • Easy to work with.
  • Stable and sturdy.
  • Free-arm sewing can be enabled.
  • Needles may break at maximum speeds.


Best heavy-duty sewing machine, that allows sewing at speeds as fast as 1100 stitches per minute, but you need to be a bit careful as some users say that high speeds can sometimes cause the needle to break. The built is very stable and powerful, and the overall performance is excellent, but it is a mechanical sewing machine, with no computerized features.

Final Words:

Hope this article helped you in your search of the best embroidery sewing machines, as it included everything from simple sewing machines, to all-purpose machines that allow for sewing, embroidery and quilting, to even cutting machines that are available with impressive features in reasonable price ranges.


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