Top 20 Best Brother Sewing Machines To Buy In 2021[Updated Step By Step Guide]

Looking for the best brother sewing machines? Then, you probably already know that Brother sewing machines are recognized in the sewing machine market as those with high quality performance, and unchallenged durability.

Ranging from sewing to quilting to embroidery, and from home to professional use, Brother has always amazed us with their unique, flawless machines that never fail to fulfill all your requirements, and have made them available in a wide price range, in order that a greater percentage of tailors, designers and home-based sewers are able to buy their products.

Brother is one of the most renowned brands for the best sewing machines 2020. They have been in the market since around 100 years, and this long experience have made them trustworthy enough to buy a brother sewing machine without doubting the quality of their product.

Nonetheless, you’ll still have to look over the details and specifications in depth so you can decide which machine suits you best according to what you require. This task demands hours of research to collect the authentic information about the products and true user reviews, highlighting the bright as well as the dark sides. Don’t worry at all because we have eased down your work, by writing detailed reviews on the 15 best brother sewing machines you’d want to buy. Have a look at it!

1- Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

This mechanical sewing machine gives you 27 stitch options that can be simply selected by turning the stitch dial. These are enough for basic use and include blind hem stitches, decorative, zigzag, stretch and quilting stitches. Most of the stitches of the machines that have hundreds of them, go unused usually, so the number of stitches added in XM2701 are sufficient enough to fulfil your basic stitching needs.

It also features 63 stitch functions to further help modify the stitches and give you an even wider range. An automatic one-step buttonhole helps you get done with this task in seconds, doesn’t require any effort and makes your desired buttonhole with precision.

The six different sewing foot can be very conveniently changed to suit your stitches, and the entire threading can be done just with a push of a lever. For more convenience, this machine features a jam-resistant, top drop-in bobbin and an easy bobbin winding system.

In addition, Brother XM2701 comes with a built-in led light to keep your sewing area well-lit so that it assists your eyes, and the built-in thread cutter is also very helpful as it saves the time for finding a pair of scissors to cut the thread. The instruction DVD that comes within the package is quite a great thing for helping you out to operate the machine in the very correct manner.

Other accessories are also included such as needle pack, spool pin, screwdriver, etc. but they do not offer a carrying case with this machine so you’ll need to buy one.


  • sewing speed: 800 spm
  • Stitches: 27
  • Buttonholes: 1 (auto-size)
  • Presser feet: 6
  • Item weight: 6 lbs.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Beautiful front design
  • Great for beginners.
  • Non-adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Only one buttonhole style available.


A great sewing machine for beginner sewists with enough stitch options available for basic use, and a powerful sewing at up to 800 stitches per minute. It is quite easy to operate and the instruction DVD helps even more. The listed cons are not notably effective at its performance unless you’re a professional. 

2- Brother CS5055PRW Sewing Machine

Brother CS5055PRW Sewing Machine

Brother CS5055prw is another addition in the Project Runway line, with not only its 50 built-in stitches, but 87 stitch functions too, which is quite a large number for stitching options. All this can be very easily selected on the LCD screen.

The LED-lit sewing area is perfect for dark fabric sewing, and the wide table helps to sew your large projects. Whereas, the automatic needle threader prevents eye strain and frustration, along with saving your precious time.

It features five 1-step buttonholes that are super-easy to make, and work very efficiently by giving you the perfectly-sized, designer-finish buttonholes to add on to the beauty of your projects.

The stitch chart printed on the front of the machine greatly assists in stitch selection. It also allows for fast and easy bobbin winding facility. When the bobbin and the upper thread are in place, you’re only required to push the bobbin to the right to get the machine to work. After that, the top drop-in bobbin system further eases your work. The vertical spool pin, on the other hand, ensures consistent feeding of the thread.

The powerful speed of up to 850 stitches per minute means that you’ll be able to finish lengthy projects within no time, and would be suitable for tailors.

It is lightweight enough to be carried easily, and the carrying handle even increases its portability.The 25-year limited warranty assures the customer of the machine’s durability too.


  • Stitches: 50
  • Buttonholes: 5 (1-step)
  • Presser feet: 7
  • sewing speed: 850 spm
  • Item weight: 75 lbs.

  • Wide range of stitch settings
  • LCD display makes selection easier
  • Good for large projects
  • The plastic thread holder may break easily.
  • Can possibly jam during fast sewing


An intermediate level sewing machine with impressive features, that targets the sewers who have excellent sewing skills but are on a tight budget. It can help you finish large projects quickly and easily. As it is very easy to use, beginners have liked it a lot, and the vast range of features impress experts too.

3- Brother XR9550PRW Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing and Quilting Machine

The XR9550 Project Runway sewing and quilting machine comes with a hard case and a detachable wide table to provide you ease while sewing and allow easy handling of large fabrics or quilts. It also offers an accessory pouch which includes almost all that you need, such as bobbins, seam ripper, cleaning brush etc.

To allow you endless creativity, it amazingly offers a total of 110 stitches that are just a button away. The eight presser feet help your innovative mind to bring out masterpieces and do wonders, and the eight buttonholes add some more precision to your projects as you can make exactly the desired buttonhole effortlessly.

It is a computerized sewing machine with which you can easily select any option on a user-friendly LCD screen, and also adjust stitch length and width. Along with that, it helps out the beginners by indicating the type of presser foot to be used for a certain kind of stitch.This machine allows for technical phone support too. The free-arm capability helps sew areas that are difficult to reach otherwise.It also features an automatic needle threader which requires you to just push a lever.

Its in-built error system even indicates the cause of the error so that you know how to rectify it. You can program the entire text once while monogramming, instead of inputting one at a time, and the needle settings can also be adjusted to some extent by looking into the instruction manual.

It is lightweight and portable, so it’s really easy for you to carry it anywhere you want, and move it aside when you’re not using it.


  • Stitches: 110
  • Buttonholes: 8
  • Presser feet: 8
  • sewing speed: 850 spm
  • Stitch length and width: 5 mm * 7 mm
  • Item weight: 1 lbs.

  • User-friendly LCD display
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Very lightweight and reliable
  • Plastic parts are breakable


This basic sewing machine suits best to beginners and occasional users. Expert sewers might not prefer this as their primary machine, as it cannot deal with heavy daily usage. It is good for people who need an easy-to-use computerized machine, at a reasonable price.

4- Brother LX3817A 17-Stitch, Full Size Aqua Sewing Machine

Brother LX3817A 17-Stitch, Full Size Aqua Sewing Machine

It comes with 17 stitches which are enough for all basic tasks. They include, straight, zigzag, blind hem, overedge, bridging, elastic stitches and many more. A buttonhole stitch is also added which works in four simple steps. You can learn these steps in my article: How to use a sewing machine?

The four presser feet that come with the machine would also be good enough for your basic projects. To increase the functionality of LX3817A, you can buy some additional accessories and presser feet too.

It features an automatic bobbin winder, as well as a jam-resistant, quick-set drop-in bobbin system to reduce the manual work. The price range within which it lies, it would have been too much to add an automatic needle threader too, so this goes to you. It won’t take long to learn the threading procedure as it is quite easy.

The free arm is also very useful while sewing tubular parts. You’ll find it when you remove the flat-bed attachment. If you use the correct kind of needle and thread, you’ll be able to even sew denim and other thick fabrics as far as they are within 6-7 mm thick.

The LED-lit workspace adds to its value by making your threading and dark-fabric-sewing tasks easier. It is very lightweight and hence portable enough to carry with ease.


  • Max, sewing speed: 850 spm
  • Stitches: 17
  • Buttonholes: 1 (4-step)
  • Presser feet: 4
  • Item weight: 8 lbs.

  • Affordable for many
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy and simple set-up and usage
  • For very basic projects
  • A bit noisy for some people


An extremely easy to use machine that is worth the price. The price which is really very affordable for almost everyone. It allows you to accomplish all your basic sewing tasks with ultimate convenience.

5- Brother SQ9285 150-Stitch Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine

Brother SQ9285 150-Stitch Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine

This machine features 10 amazing presser feet that allow versatility in your sewing. Zigzag, monogramming, overcasting, buttonhole foot, and many others that help make your projects precise and perfect.

The backlit LCD screen enables you to view your stitches and make adjustments through the push buttons. It also assists you to choose the correct presser foot for each kind of stitch. This is displayed in the form of a single letter on the screen, which is engraved on the presser foot.

Its wide range of 150 stitches including a variety of quilting stitches, decorative and satin stitches, as well as 8 one-step buttonhole stitches, is more than enough for most of the users and allows you to boost your creativity through variations in your projects. One font with 55 alphanumeric stitches, is very useful for basic monogramming.

The bright LED light in the working area assists your vision while sewing, and the wide table helps a lot when working with large fabrics and quilts. The free arm that you get when the flat-bed attachment is removed, is a very nice feature because sewing difficult areas such as cuffs and collars becomes a breeze when you have it.

The drop feed feature allows for free-motion quilting and the special feed systemmakes stitching even and smooth.

In case you do not find the accessory pouch enough for your requirements, you can buy additional brother sewing machine accessories to deal with that problem. They won’t cost you much.


  • sewing speed: 710 spm
  • Stitches: 150
  • Buttonholes: 8 (1-step)
  • Presser feet: 10
  • Item weight: 8 lbs.

  • Automatic bobbin winding and threading
  • Wide table for large projects
  • Wide range of stitches and presser feet
  • Only one font for monogramming
  • Needle threader might trouble you at some points.


This feature-rich and dual-purpose machine attracts beginners as well as expert sewists, as its exceptional feature allow to create mega projects and masterpieces. The speed, however, may seem a bit slower to some professionals, but the overall performance is remarkable.

6- Brother ST150HDH Sewing Machine

Brother ST150HDH Sewing Machine

Brother ST150DH features 50 stitches that include overcasting, straight, fagoting, blind hem and decorative stitches, etc. The 5 auto-sized, one-step buttonholes allow for greater precision. Along with that, the 9 presser feet come with this machine to make greater stitching options possible.

The dial on the front is for stitch-selection. When you select a stitch, the backlit LCD screen displays the stitch number and also indicates, which presser foot you are supposed to use for it. This part is very helpful for beginners who have no clue of what presser foot is suitable for what kind of stitch.

The bright LED light in the workspace helps a lot while sewing dark fabrics or in a dimly-lit room. The manual thread cutter over the side of the machine is a time-saver when you’re in a hurry. The machine is so powerful that it can even sew multiple layers of denim very easily, and the improved feed dogs help in smooth fabric feeding and precise stitching.

It features a top drop-in bobbin system which automatically pulls the thread out for you, and has a clear cover so that you can monitor the bobbin thread, and refill it before it finishes. Setting up the machine is very easy and if you are a beginner you can consult the brother sewing machine manual to help you out with that.


  • Stitches: 50
  • Buttonholes: 5 auto-sized, one-step
  • Presser feet: 9
  • Item weight: 18 lbs.

  • For heavy fabric stitching
  • Inexpensive
  • Highly durable and quiet.
  • Automatic needle threader not present


Another heavy-duty brother sewing machine in the “Strong & Tough” line, that offers very impressive features, and comes at a reasonable price. It will allow you to stitch heavyweight fabrics easily, with the powerful motor it has, which makes it one of the most demanding computerized sewing machines out there.

7- Brother Sewing Machine, XM1010

Brother Sewing Machine, XM1010

This machine features 10 built-in stitches, one 4-step buttonhole and 4 sewing presser feet. This might sound a very small number when you have been coming through a lot of other sewing machines that have far more than that, but believe me, if you are looking for a machine, to work with occasionally, and if you are a home-based sewist, than this machine is all that you need.

Sewing machines with innumerable stitches and great-looking features are no doubt very efficient, but they are meant to be used by professionals only, for big projects and very heavy, constant use. This is a basic sewing machine that will help you get done with every basic sewing task, incomparably.

It weighs only 10.8 pounds and comes with a carrying case, which makes it very portable and allows you to carry it anywhere, anytime, with convenience. It doesn’t mean that it is not strong enough, the internal metal frame is quite sturdy and keeps it intact by absorbing vibrations very efficiently.

It comes with a jam-resistant, top drop-in bobbin system, with a clear cover over the bobbin, for greater convenience and for allowing you to monitor the thread position while sewing. For your further ease, the machine gives you automatic bobbin winding facility too.

Although it doesn’t have an automatic needle threader, but threading a brother sewing machine is no big deal. With the easy arrows and the instruction manual, you’ll be able to do that very quickly and easily.


  • Stitches: 10
  • Presser feet: 4
  • Buttonholes: 1 automatic 4-step
  • Item weight: 8 lbs.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy backstitching
  • Wide range of accessories
  • No speed control
  • No automatic needle threader


A basic sewing machine which is lightweight and portable, yet sturdy and intact at the same time, it won’t let the vibrations disturb you. It comes with a carrying case too. Using a brother sewing machine like the XM1010 is just a breeze.

8- Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine

When a Brother machine provides you a combo of two functions together, nobody is fool enough to buy two separate machines. This fully computerized, versatile sewing machine comes with 130 built-in stitches that include eight 1-step buttonholes, 42 garment construction stitches and a lot of decorative ones. Whereas, the 170 stitch functions include heirloom, decorative and quilting stitch functions. An extremely wide range that enables you to create variations in your designs.

The quilting function is supported by many other features such as a spring action quilting foot, and a detachable wide table. The free-motion quilting feature is another addition which is preferred by many.

The eight specialty feet included are greatly helpful. The many other accessories that are added, incorporate needle set, seam ripper, cleaning brush, spool caps, etc.

Apart from these, the automatic bobbin winding system, drop-in bobbin and needle threader, all ease your work to a great extent. Although the needle threader is not good enough, but if your luck goes well, then it would be even more beneficial for you.

With its backlit LCD display, it makes working more convenient. It is very lightweight, and the built-in carrying handle increases its portability. The LED-lit working area is good for your eyes, and helps you out when sewing darker fabrics.


  • sewing speed: 850 spm
  • Presser feet: 8
  • Stitches: 130
  • Display: Backlit LCD display
  • Item weight: 14 lbs.

  • Speed controller helps beginners
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Good quilting function
  • Needle threader is a bit problematic
  • Settings seem complicated to beginners


It is a very versatile and affordable machine, which will definitely come in your budget and would be worth buying. It offers features that are rarely found in other similar machines at a reasonable price. It would be an amazing choice for beginners, as well as intermediate sewers.

9- Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine

Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine

Another one in the “Strong & Tough” lineup, that comes in a great, impressive design. Not only the design, but the features are too impressive. It comes with 37 built-in stitches that allow you to make striking variations in your designs. The 6 presser feet are definitely enough for most of the sewing tasks, and allow for height adjustment option, so that sewing thicker fabrics and multiple layers is not an issue.

Oiling a brother sewing machine like ST371HD is not necessary, it can work quite well for a long time even if it doesn’t receive any regular maintenance. It can give you a speed as fast as 800 stitches per minute, which would be more than enough for most sewists, but on a large scale, even faster machines are preferred.

The needle threader is half-automatic, which means that your work would not be as quick as it would have been with a fully automatic one, but still a lot of your time is saved. The top drop-in bobbin system prevents jams, and make your task faster.

The metal needle plate makes it durable enough for the price range, as most similar machines feature plastic plate which is fragile and problematic. The additional accessories include usual stuff like needles, bobbin etc. and an instructional DVD which helps a lot if you are a beginner.


  • sewing speed: 800 spm
  • Stitches: 37
  • Buttonholes: 1 auto-size
  • Presser feet: 6
  • Item weight:4 lbs.

  • No special maintenance required.
  • Rubber case helps keep the machine in place
  • Consistent and even stitching
  • No up/down needle buttons

10- Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, XR3774

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, XR3774

The great features and the included accessories in Brother XR3774 can get a beginner sewing immediately. The automatic needle threader and the quick-set top drop-in bobbin system reduces the workload and saves a beginner sewist from frustration, making their work more interesting.

It is a mechanical sewing machine, and comes with a soft case that saves it from dust, but if you need more protection, you can buy a brother sewing machine cover.

Its 37 built in stitches are enough for most of your sewing tasks, and the 8 presser feet included allow for greater precision and more accurate stitching.The sewing feet consists of a zipper, zigzag, blind stitch, button sewing, narrow hammer, walking & quilting feet.

With respect to the wide range of features, it is very affordable for most sewists. It is suitable for all ages of sewists, as it is very user-friendly and easy to learn. The stitches are displayed on the front of the machine so that selection is made greatly convenient.


  • sewing speed: 80 spm.
  • Stitches: 37
  • Presser feet: 8
  • Item weight: 9 lbs.

  • Impressive design
  • Quiet
  • Extra-large side table
  • No thread cutter
  • For basic sewing only


This combo, sewing and quilting machine is very affordable while having all the very nice features. It is suitable for carrying gout most of the basic sewing and quilting tasks, with its easy-to-use feature.

11- Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine

Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine

With its great range of built-in designs and fonts, and with the increasing popularity of the brand, Brother PE550D has become one of the most demanding embroidery machines out there in the market.

The 125 designs include 45 of licensed Disney designs, and the 9 fonts are of English as well as Japanese. But the machine is not limited to these only, as the availability of a USB port makes it versatile, as an uncountable number of designs can be inserted and embroidered with ease. You can even add customized or personalized designs to it.

The 3.2” large LCD color touchscreen display allows you to view your designs before starting to work. It also allows you to edit the designs by changing background and thread colors too. Adjusting the position of the design on the embroidery field is also possible.


  • Built-in designs: 125
  • Built-in fonts: 9
  • Display: 2” color touchscreen display
  • Hoop area: 4” * 4”
  • Item weight: 23 pounds

  • USB port facility
  • User-friendly
  • Great range of designs
  • Embroidery-only machine


Even after knowing that the ‘4 by 4’ inch hoop area is not large enough; I would say that this embroidery machine is worth the price due to its wide range of designs and exceptional features. It is a must-buy brother embroidery machine.

12- Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

This dual-purpose machine from Brother comes in an impressive design with a 3.2” LCD color touchscreen which makes your work pretty easy while allowing you to preview your designs before starting.

With the whopping 103 built-in stitches, you can sew your projects with great variations and designs, while the 80 built-in embroidery designs are quite beautiful and delicate that would help improve your projects. The availability of a USB port is a pro, as it breaks all the limits and allows you to embroider any design of the world that you want.

The embroidery field of this computerized, Brother sewing machine and embroidery machine is 4” * 4” large, with a hoop and an embroidery arm included. That might not be large enough for some users, but if you get attracted to delicacy, which I think everybody does, it will help you create those designs with precision.

The 6 embroidery lettering fonts enable you to personalize your designs and craft out masterpieces. Just like that, the 10 styles of auto-size buttonholes bring you very close to perfection.

Like many others, it also offers an automatic needle threader as many users nowadays don’t really feel like wasting their time in threading the entire machine again and again. Similarly, the top drop-in bobbin system has also become very common due to its ease of use.

Brother SE600 is a very lightweight and portable sewing machine, and works at 710 stitches per minute. This speed might be unsatisfactory for some expert users and professionals who are time-tied, but for intermediate and beginner sewists, this is quite good a speed.


  • sewing speed: 710 spm.
  • Stitches: 103
  • Buttonholes: 10 (auto-size) sewing speed
  • Presser feet: 7
  • Built-in designs: 80
  • Display: 2” LCD color touchscreen
  • Item weight: 82 lbs.

  • Versatile – Sewing & Embroidery Options
  • USB port widens the range of designs
  • Color LCD touchscreen display
  • Work area is not enough for quilting
  • Less user-friendly than other similar machines


Brother SE600 is a reliable combo machine that saves you from the trouble of managing two different machines for each task, and gives you the facility of sewing as well as embroidery in a single machine. With great stitch and design options, LCD touchscreen for display and USB port for insertion of new designs, are some of its quite impressive features.



One of the best Brother sewing machines, CS6000i comes with a wide range of unique accessories such as, a hard-protective case, 9 presser feet including buttonhole, zipper, spring action quilting etc., a detachable table that is extra wide, a needle set with twin needle and many more.

Other important features include an adjustable sewing speed control system, automatic needle threader, easy diagrams for threading and a backlit LCD screen.

The sewing area is well-lit to support sewing of dark-colored clothes. The automatic needle threader is very significant in aligning the thread perfectly, to reduce your work and keep you relieved. Along with that, you can set the position of the needle and stitch line according to your need or wish. It also has a free arm which is useful when sewing cylindrical items like sleeves or pant legs. In a nutshell, this machine greatly reduces the complexity of your work.

The wide working table allows you to easily manage and handle large-sized fabrics, while giving you enough space during sewing. Furthermore, it comes with a jam-resistance technology to keep you away from the trouble of repairing the machine due to getting stuck. In this way, you can enjoy smooth sewing, and complete your work in very short time.


  • Manufacturer: Brother International Corp
  • Item Model: CS6000i
  • Maximum sewing speed: 850 spm
  • Built-in stitches: 60
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Best sewing table
  • Available at low price
  • Plenty of useful accessories
  • Fast sewing may cause the thread to pop off.
  • Less stable than most heavy-duty machines.



PE800 comes with 138 built-in designs and eleven fonts for embroidery. A CD with 15000 additional designs is an amazing part of it as it gives you the relaxation from finding or creating designs from scratch, you can easily customize and personalize the designs, with on-screen editing feature. The colored screen gives you a clear view of what you are embroidering is very easy to use.

The USB port enables you to put in any design at all. It also supports digitizing software so that even if you cannot convert files into the required format, pictures can be used too. The use of the machine is very easy, just stick to the manual for any guidance if you are a beginner, and stay relaxed while sewing with this machine.

It is a single-needle machine. That might seem like a drawback as you need to change the thread again and again, in case of multi-colored designing, but the machine this efficient enough to stop and let you know when to change the thread.

It offers with the machine, pre-wound bobbins, scissors, Cap & sock hoops and 64 embroidery threads. That’s nearly enough for the beginners, but expert designers might need additional stuff.


  • Manufacturer:Brother International Corp
  • Item Model:PE800
  • Built-in designs:138
  • Display:2” LCD Touchscreen
  • Hoop area:5” * 7”
  • Item weight:74 lbs
  • Excellent stitch quality at a reasonable price.
  • Easy transfer of designs via USB
  • On-screen editing and designing
  • Lacks storage space.


Another one under the banner of ‘best brother sewing machines’, PE800 gives you way too much in the given price range. The large range of designs and the complete package with exciting accessories, is very suitable for beginners, and with little additions, it can give a satisfying experience to experts too.



The PE535 comes with 80 built-in embroidery designs that include kids’ designs, floral, holiday and a lot more. While these might not be enough for the embroiders who work on new designs on daily basis, a USB port and a USB cable also comes with the machine, so that your designs are not limited.

The USB port allows you to transfer and store additional embroidery designs to your machine’s built-in memory, but it supports ‘.pen’ and ‘.pes’ extension files.

It has 9 Built-in fonts, 6 English and 3 Japanese fonts that allow you to customize your designs. The fonts can be modified by adjusting the letter spacing and alignment, and they are available in different sizes too.

A large 3.2″ inch LCD color touchscreen is all what you need to preview your designs before actually stitching them. If you think the design is not as per your inclination, you can edit it accordingly in the machine.

This Brother Embroidery machine has an Embroidery field of 4″ x 4″ has a hoop included too. The grid sheet and the tools that come along help in the alignment of the fabric as well as the patterns.

Brother PE535 is an embroidery machine and is not made to work like a traditional sewing machine. It has an automatic needle threader, which saves you from the trouble of changing threads again & again while embroidering multi-colored designs.

  • Very compact & portable.
  • Plenty of designs and patterns.
  • Great for beginners
  • Not for expert users.


  • Manufacturer:Brother International Corp
  • Item model:PE535
  • Hoop area:4” *4”
  • Built-in designs:80
  • Display:2” LCD touchscreen
  • Item weight:15 lbs


Brother PE535 is a very suitable machine for designers or embroiders who have just got into the field. Even intermediate users would be satisfied with is performance but expert users might need to look for a better option. It allows you to create unique designs, by customizing the designs as well as modifying the fonts so that everything is according to your choice.

Final Thoughts:

These were the 15 best Brother sewing machines that were chosen after great thought and research to help you make the perfect decision, without having to waste hours of research in exchange with frustration. However, if you like a machine’s overall features, but are not satisfied with one, or fear the damaging of some plastic parts, you can buy brother sewing machine parts to customize the machine according to your inclination. Best of luck for your hunt!

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